a server farm

Central location RoyalVision computer based on the ability to provide a comfort zone in the vicinity of our clients. That’s why some of her servants RoyalVision located in Israel and enjoying fast Israeli Internet connectivity to the intersection. As much holding RoyalVision additional computing centers worldwide and provides that the answer to all the framework of international activity.

to ensure the highest standards within the media, data security and maintenance systems, the company employs only experts and engineers who are considered the best in their field and integrating knowledge and authority, alongside extensive wealth of experience in various systems. All these experts, allow us to maintain high levels of availability that characterizes our activities.

Our computer centers secured through a series of considered advanced security mechanisms of their kind including: smartcards and perimeter security monitoring and control physical constant. The entrance to the facilities is permitted to authorized personnel only under strict access mechanism, while the third party officials to enter the facility, pass rigorous security clearance process of constant and accompanied by our people.

The centers operating under the highest standards of accuracy and redundancy. all of its systems provide redundancy VHAC N + 1. That, in order to ensure that any backup systems go into immediate action in the case of a blackout, so customers don’t experience Down Time situations under any circumstances. Extra-strength available equipment, used advanced dust control systems that guarantee perfect airflow and preventing a buildup of harmful dust particles on the equipment.

The defense systems from fire at the facility designed to prevent any possibility of an outbreak of fire or spread. These systems are considered kind of advanced and capable of suppressing in efficiency, accuracy and speed every event like this.
Each set of the facilities and secured in tightly binding ceiling shelves dedicated feeder routes, and provide multiple maximum redundancy.

Our computer centers are designed and built for maximum redundancy and complete elimination of Saturdays. Therefore any server in the system connected for UPS in redundancy of N + 1 point of failure that provides the answer to all excess. In the event of a power outage also included, runs the center immediately automatic manufacturing activity independent power generators, by a set of dedicated work, allowing the continuation of a row without a hitch and completely transparent for customers.

Media outlets to secure our data centers connected to the Boulevard from the world’s leading international media, which provide backup and redundancy in the highest standards in Israel, the United States and Europe.

As part of our policy to be always on the cutting edge and use high-grade equipment, and most advanced RoyalVision stickler for purchasing equipment from the world’s leading suppliers, such as Cisco and Dell. a panic room installed in high-end gear maintained strict conditions and high standards of their kind.

Our global data centers located in Israel, New York, Amsterdam and Hong Kong. The Israeli center, considered a progressive of its kind, handles all the Middle East; The Center in New York, located at the heart of technological and financial center, treating every area of North America; The Center in Amsterdam strategically located in the heart of the European market, while the centre in Hong Kong serves a variety of our customers in the area of Asia.

The gold standard and worsening described above is for one purpose – that your systems continue to work, always and in every situation, and you can sleep soundly at night!

An internet server farms gold

RoyalVision servers located in underground server farms of internet gold.
Gold recently established internet server farms of the most advanced in the world according to the high standards and most stringent in the field. The server farm provides a safe space for businesses who would like to store the server or their website in a safe environment, equipped with advanced technology and of its kind. The server farms secure strict entrance controls, in complete isolation from the most vulnerable, and includes the most advanced ingredients in the world’s leading Hosting her services that are in technology.

A server that is stored in the 012 smile server farm for businesses will benefit from the company’s full bandwidth usage without a percentage of utilization, so that it is not affected by any load when accessing the server. 012 smile is connected directly to the Israeli Internet node, which connects all ISPs in Israel, so every customer in Israel has quick and easy access to the server. 012 smile For businesses connected to the world with fiber optics, this enables quick access both from Israel to abroad and from overseas to Israel. Internet Gold does not interfere with the activity on the server and allows the client to store on the servers any standard application.

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